Bread has always been one of the principal forms of food for man from earliest times. Bakers probably have the oldest craft in the world. Bread has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. Bread is mentioned in the Bible many times. The ancient Greeks and Romans used bread as a main staple food. Bakers always played a privileged role in past civilizations. A Bakers' Guild was formed in Rome to promote and protect the profession. Members of the guild enjoyed special privileges and honors.

Modern bakers continue today to play an important role in today’s world. They continue to re-invent themselves by improving products and quality. The introduction of new technologies combined with traditional knowledge and methods has allowed continued advances in quality. The introduction of brick ovens in the early 1900 revolutionized the way bread was baked. Today high performance ovens made with fiberglass allow similar advances in baking techniques. New science development like the ability to monitor the exact temperature and level of humidity ensures the best bread possible.