Dahmane Benarbane arrived in the United States from Algiers, Algeria in 1990. Within a couple of years he was working for Uptown Bakers in Washington, DC. He then moved to Marvelous Market and quickly became the assistant head baker working alongside head baker Mark Furstenberg. When Mark left the company in 1994, Dahmane became head baker. He continued to manage the bread and pastries department at Marvelous Market for another 10 years.

In 2006, Dahmane partnered with Mirjana Varga from Breadhouse bakery and started producing a wide array of breads and pastries. Baguette Republic was born. Within a few years, Baguette Republic moved to a larger facility to better service its large wholesale customers.

Baguette Republic established itself as a premier baker of fine breads delivering freshly baked breads to the finest restaurants, caterers, and grocery stores in the metropolitan Washington area.